ECOLEX.AM electronic platform presentation-discussion took place on March 3-4, in Dilijan. electronic platform has been prepared within the framework of "Strengthening Environmental Governance by Building the Capacity of Non-Governmental Organizations" project, which is funded by the European Union and implemented by the UN Development Programme GEF Small Grants Programme.

The presentation-discussion was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Nature Protection, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Energy and Natural Resources, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Urban Development, Ministry of Transport and Communication, the National Assembly, the Ombudsman, Aarhus centers and a number of NGOs.

At the event, experts, in detail, presented to participants the electronic platform structure, opportunities, tools and resources, registration and subscription mechanisms, types of users, projects, search engine, the tool box to make online comments and suggestions to draft legal acts, as well as other tools incorporated to the web page. electronic portal compiles draft legal acts elaborated by the National Assambly of RA, Ministry of Nature Protection of the RA and other concerned departments relating to environmental protection and use of natural resources. The system of electronic tools available on the site allows users to submit appropriate proposals and considerations directly to the author of the draft which are at the same time available at the website.

The representative of the Ministry of Nature Protection referred platform significance and expressed hope that it will become an important resource for improving the quality of drafts being developed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The representative of the Ministry of Justice presented the transparency of the process of drafting legal acts and the performance of the representative of the National Assembly was dedicated to the importance of public participation in the context of the legislative process.

Representatives from all governmental bodies who attended the presentation-discussion expressed their willingness to provide information support within the functioning of the platform.

Platform presentation was followed by questions and valuable discussions, a number of suggestions were made to make the organization work more efficiently in the future. Participants also had the opportunity to exchange opinions and get the answers to the questions from the experts involved in the project.

The discussion continued on the 2nd day in "Open space" format, which allowed the participants to work in an informal, intimate atmosphere and the operational effectiveness and continuity of electronic platform to present their views within the different topics, proposals and suggestions. They discussed the following topics: 1. further fudningand stability, 2. Possibilities of expansion of the, 3.The prospects to expand the use of by public authority.

As per formulated topics, participants at their discretion were included in individual groups of 8-10 people. Each group proceeded with parallel discussion of certain ideas, approaches and proposals, and also formulated certain steps, which were later presented to a plenary session by the coordinators of the groups.

"Open space" format in similar cases gives the opportunity to effectively combine the approaches of various stakeholder groups interested in a specific issue and develop best solutions for the future.

At the end of the event, participants filled in questionnaires concerning the main features of discussion and the electronic platform. The remarks and proposals expressed therein will be taken into account by the experts in the functional and content development of the platform.

The event was covered by the A1 + TV and Martuni.